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LoofCo Washing up Pad

LoofCo Washing up Pad

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Our 100% natural LoofCo Washing up pads are completely plastic free and biodegradable.  They are incredibly durable and will last you ages

100% Biodegradable

Please note sizes and colours may vary because these are natural products.

Our washing up pads are made using a vigorous growing plant called a Loofah, these natural pads are non toxic and completely plastic free meaning you can wash your dishes knowing no micro-plastics are being released down the drain.

These also have a handy string to hang your washing pad to dry which is made from natural Egyptian cotton, also completely biodegradable!

LoofCo use ethical, fair trade business practices and sustainable sources to produce their cleaning accessories. This company values their workers rights and supports their skills with fair wages higher than normal rates and medical insurance.

How To Use

When dry, our washing up pads will feel quite course and stiff however once the loofah is soaked in water it will expand and become soft, especially good for non stick pans.

After each use, squeeze out any excess water then shake out any food particles and hang to dry.

You can even wash your loofah in the washing machine occasionally or by hand.

Soak in baking soda to freshen up and give a good thorough clean, make sure to rinse well before reusing.


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