How to Clean Winter Coats & Jackets

How to Clean Winter Coats & Jackets

Its time for the heavier coats and jackets to come out and with them those small stains and marks you should have dealt with last year!  

Many of these items are dry clean only and when it is for  a small mark it can seem a waste of time, money and an unnecessary use of chemicals.

Whenever you want to deal with a grubby collar or cuff lay the jacket or article out on a work surface and open up the area to expose the mark.  Dab with a re-usable cotton pad soaked with surgical spirit and see how quickly the mark lifts and immediately dries.

A tip for shirts and blouses with stained collars and cuffs is to rub the mark with eco friendly washing up liquid then leave for 10 minutes before popping the shirt into the washing machine on its usual cycle.  Washing up liquid is great for greasy stains.

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